Safety in the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

With driver and passenger safety paramount, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo offers comprehensive, top-level safety functions, including BMW Head-up Display, Active Cruise Control and Speed Limit Display.

BMW Head-up Display.

The full-colour BMW Head-up Display projects relevant information directly into your field of vision, enabling you to pay full attention to what’s happening on the road.
Depending on the equipment fitted in your vehicle, this information consists not only of directional messages from the navigation system, but also Speed Limit Display data, Check Control messages and Lane Departure warning status displays.
The symbols projected onto your windscreen appear in high resolution. Graphics make full use of the colour spectrum, enabling a particularly realistic depiction of traffic symbols. The display is in an ergonomically optimised position on the windscreen, which you can then adjust to suit your needs without being distracted from events on the road.
The intensity of the projection adapts automatically according to how light it is outside; there is also a night and daytime display. Brightness can be configured using the iDrive menu, while you can also select which information should be shown in addition to the speed display and the warnings from the driver assistance systems.

Speed Limit Display.

Speed Limit Display, including no-overtaking display, keeps you informed of speed limits as well as overtaking restrictions.
A special camera monitors relevant traffic signs, with this information being processed together with data from the navigation system via a control device. As other components in the vehicle, such as the rain sensor, can also be used, the system can inform you of variable speed limits – for example, in wet weather or temporary restrictions.

Lane Change and Lane Departure warning systems.

If your vehicle is in danger of veering out of its lane unintentionally, you’ll be warned via slight vibrations on the steering wheel. If you’ve activated the indicators beforehand, this warning is not issued. The camera-based collision alert recognises vehicles ahead and warns you when the distance between you and them is too short or when a danger of collision arises. If another vehicle is in your blind spot and intends to change lanes, Lane Change Warning indicates this by recognizing the flashing indicators. This function also warns you of a vehicle approaching at high speed in the overtaking lane. Further, when the distance at the side is too short or when there is a danger of collision, you are warned via a vibrating steering wheel and a visual signal in the exterior mirror cap.

Adaptive headlights with High-beam Assistant.

Adaptive headlights with variable light distribution for city and motorway driving, cornering lights, glare-free High-beam Assistant with automatic full and dipped beam, and bi-Xenon headlight technology offer you optimum illumination of the road ahead.
When you are driving at night, the adjustable headlights project their beam deep into the upcoming bends as soon as you move the steering wheel. The cornering lights integrated in the fog lights improve close-range visibility and can be activated even when the vehicle is at a standstill, either by operating the indicators or by steering accordingly. In this way, Adaptive headlights guarantee optimum vision in all situations, boosting active driving safety.
Depending on how light it is outside and how much traffic is on the road, the glare-free High-beam Assistant automatically regulates the intensity of the beam, ensuring that the road is illuminated ideally at night. The system monitors vehicles ahead and oncoming vehicles, dipping the headlights smoothly and reliably to prevent other drivers being dazzled.

Dynamic safety.

The Dynamic Safety system is activated shortly after the vehicle sets off and has reached a speed above 11 mph. If a critical driving situation arises, the front seat belts are tightened and the side windows and sunroof (if fitted) are closed. Dynamic Safety detects the threat of a collision via the front camera or front radar, triggered by an emergency stop or by your vehicle showing strong signs of understeering or oversteering.
If a crash is unavoidable, the system applies the brakes automatically without you needing to react. At a maximum stopping speed of 5 m/s2, your vehicle is brought to a standstill and the brakes remain blocked for 1.5 seconds. This reduces or eliminates the probability of secondary collisions.
  • To prevent hazards from arising in the first place, the Attentiveness assistant (part of Dynamic Safety) monitors driving behaviour for symptoms of fatigue. The system analyses steering behaviour and reacts to any irregularities by issuing a recommendation to take a break, which appears in the Control Display.

Passive safety.

A package of intelligent safety measures in the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo help to minimise the risk of accidents, and offer the reassuring feeling that you’re well protected at all times.
Extremely resistant, large-volume cross-members and the intelligent use of high-strength and ultra high-strength multi-phase steels provide maximum protection for the safety bodyshell while maintaining a low weight. The impact energy is diverted to other areas of the bodyshell around the passenger cell, such as the underbody, side frame, bulkhead and roof, and absorbed by deformation zones at the front and rear. In the event of a side collision, protection comes from reinforced structures in the B-pillar and sills, high-strength side-impact stabilisers in the doors as well as robust cross-members in the seat areas.
  • The front of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo has various devices to protect pedestrians. A shock absorber is integrated between the bumper carrier and panel to reduce leg injuries in a collision. Furthermore, the bonnet is equipped with deformation elements to reduce the impact energy and act as a crumple zone.